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Todd M. Stevens

5th Grade Bible, Math Science and Spelling
6th Grade Math, Science, and Spelling

As you can see, the Bible is the first in my list of subjects taught.  Learning to ‘see’ is of first importance (“…in Your light do we see light…”, Psalm 36:9).  So we begin with seeing how God sees all.

After that, we go to God’s other book, His creation.  I did not begin to truly understand this priority until I met Him on the first Tuesday of March, 1970.  Since then, He has shown me much in my twenty four years as a soldier, over twenty years as an accountant (those periods overlapped), over ten years as a salesman, and over two years as a substitute teacher.

In my various times of life, I have always enjoyed teaching and mentoring, seeing others understand and grow.  This was never more exciting than when God’s truth in all things was involved.

I hope to lead your children, first in devotion to the Lord, and second, in learning from His second book, His creation.