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Why Sojourn Academy?

Top 5 Reasons to Send your Child to Sojourn Academy
Sojourn Academy exists for the express purpose of providing a quality education that exalts Christ Jesus as Lord. This means education that reaches the whole child; mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually, and inspiring in students a system of values consistent with the Word of God. Sojourn Academy is committed to regular evaluation and review of all programs to provide opportunities for students to have a well-rounded education and provide quality academic instruction that equips students to achieve their highest potential.
1) Sojourn Academy provides quality Christian education that integrates all subjects with the Bible through proven Christian curricula. Students are educated with a view to glorify God.

2) Sojourn Academy offers individual attention through small student/teacher ratios. Our qualified teachers are committed to the ministry of Christian education and provide a loving environment. Our teachers truly care about each student and will take the time to shepherd their hearts.

3) Sojourn Academy builds strong Christian character which in turn develops young people of integrity, develops good citizenship and instills a good work ethic. Students are taught to apply themselves to their work and to fulfill their various responsibilities.

4) Sojourn Academy provides for the development of young leaders. Preparing students for the future God has for them. We seek to give students the tools of learning so they can seek wisdom and pursue godliness though their entire lives.

5) Sojourn Academy proclaims that all knowledge and wisdom come from God, and that the universe around them is in harmony and agreement with its Creator. They will be prepared to know what they believe and why, which will enable them to think for themselves and stand up for their personal convictions in the face of pressure. This teaches the students to get along with unbelievers and other Christians who hold different views.

Many alumni have gone on to prestigious colleges and universities, successful careers, and ministries.

Sojourn Academy teachers are carefully selected on the basis of their education, experience, and integrity. All full-time teachers are degreed in the area in which they teach, and most are certified. The most important requirements for the instructional staff are an unselfish spirit of dedication to children, a belief that the Christian school ministry is their service to God, and a complete and personal acceptance of the Lord, Jesus Christ as their Savior.
ELA: 8 - 12 students depending upon age (Teacher and aide)
PK & K: 12 students per class
1st – 4th: 18 students per class
5th and up: 20 students per class
Enrichment classes include:
Art, Band, Computer, Drama, Latin, Library, Mentoring, Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Speech.

We also participate in ACSI events competing against other area Christian schools in the following categories:
Math Olympics, Speech Meet, Science Fair, Art Festival and Spelling Bee

We offer two separate chapel times to meet the age appropriate needs of our student body: Grammar School Chapel (PreK- 4th Grade) and Logic and Rhetoric School Chapel (5th-12th Grade). Each chapel meets once a week for a time of worship, praise and instruction. We seek to present the great redemptive themes and principles of Christianity as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.
In addition to our Physical Education program, the following sports and clubs are offered:
Cross Country, Track, Archery, Chess Club, Jr. & Sr. Beta Club and Band.
An incredible hot lunch program is offered to Pre-K through 12th grade 5 days a week for those who wish to participate.
A student’s appearance should reflect the idea that learning is important enough to call for precision and neatness in dress. Uniforms avoid comparison. Therefore, we have implemented a uniform policy applicable to Pre-K and up. They can be purchased through Land's End. We also have gently used uniforms available at the school for a reduced price.