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Christian Elementary School

Faith-Centered Education in the Montgomergy County Area


The elementary school years form one of the most important stages of a child’s learning process. As one of the three stages of the Trivium, the earliest phase of the classical education model, elementary school is when young minds are at their most receptive. Sojourn Academy is a Montgomery County, TX Christian elementary school. Our mission is to help children complete this critical stage of learning with Christian-based education that will provide them with the foundation they need to become exceptional students and people through the glory of God.


Based in Classical Education

Our curriculum is based on the classical education model that has served Western civilization for thousands of years. Elementary school students at Sojourn Academy receive the best possible education in all of the essential areas including math, reading, science, physical education and the humanities, as well as Biblical study.


Our goal is to help children along the path to becoming godly, mature Christians who see the hand of God as the creator in all things, and strive to be Christ-like influences in the world around them. As a Christian elementary school, we also believe parents are the ultimate arbiters of their children’s education, and we work closely with parents to serve children’s educational goals in accordance with parents’ wishes.


Our Divine Influence Through Christ

Among private elementary schools, Sojourn Academy excels at educating students because of our Christ-centered environment. We aim to create a positive environment in which students are surrounded by Christ-like influences, and the Word of God permeates every lesson. We seek to employ only teachers who can serve as positive examples of the power of faith as well as deliver exceptional academic standards.


The elementary school years are incredibly important for developing a young student’s mind and character. Through our Christian-focused curriculum, Sojourn Academy provides the foundation for elementary school students to develop into curious and mature Christians who live and experience the world through the lens of their faith.


Schedule a Campus Visit

Nothing less than the best should be good enough for your children. Allow Sojourn Academy the opportunity to guide your children into the next phase of their learning, and honor your goals for them. Call us at (281) 298-5800 to arrange a visit to our campus today.