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Supporting the Academy

Education is not a generic product. It is preparation for the rest of your child’s life. Sojourn Academy has a proven record to produce students who are able to thrive in any field. Our students are given the tools of learning and the perspective of a Biblical worldview. Our school’s vision is to teach truth, goodness, and beauty. We hope to instill the love and learning in our students- leading them to seek wisdom and pursue Godliness.

We thank God for the unique opportunity that He gives us to minister to families in our community. We purposefully set out to make Christian education affordable, so that even families with lower incomes might be able to be a part of this school. It is also through our commitment to excellence in education that we employ a larger number of staff and faculty in order to keep the ratio of students and teachers lower. This in turn also cost additional funds. There is a difference, then, between the money that comes in through tuition and the overall need the school has.

Being a Christian school limits the number of people who can and will give money to our school. That is why we are seeking people who share our Christian conviction, values, and priorities for Christian education. Will you support Sojourn Academy? You can give a one-time gift or a monthly contribution to our school. Whether it is $5 or $50,000, every gift counts.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and your partnership with Sojourn Academy.