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Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit Courses
Sojourn Academy is proud to be a school offering dual credit for colleges in the following subjects:

HIS 205 - American History
(3) Principles of the founding and the political, economic, intellectual, cultural, and religious traditions that have shaped America.

ENG 202 - American Literature I
(3) Representative stories, poems, and documents in American literature from the Colonial era to the early Republic (1776-1830) through the Romantic-transcendentalist period (1830-1860). Includes readings from multiethnic and women writers.

MAT 115 - Pre-Calculus
(3) Study of functions- polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric. Emphasis on representing these functions numerically, graphically, symbolically, and verbally. Meets general education requirements for Mathematics. A recommended prerequisite course for Calculus

MAT 141 - MAT 141 - Calculus I
(4) Derivatives of polynomial and trigonometric functions, applications of the derivative, the definite integral, the fundamental theorems.